• Creating a process for Development

Are you Wired?


The Wired For Sport academy places a heavy focus on the student athlete experience and ultimately deliver what it sets out to, remaining transparent and honest in its philosophies and its approach throughout.
The ultimate goal for all athletes in our system are to:

  • Achieve grades which will enable them to gain places at any University of their choice
  • Improve as young adults
  • Be ambassadors in their local communities
  • Perform at the highest possible level in their events

The relationship between our staffing team, the educational establishments and the athlete is vital in ensuring that all of these objectives are achieved.
Athletes engage in a unique course where they will be given the opportunity to be full time student athletes two years ahead of the UK norm.

Athletes in our system are given the freedom to study courses whichever BTEC or A-Levels they desire. All training and support happens outside of the educational programme.
Athletes studying at our centres will access event specific coaching, strength and conditioning, and medical provision through out the week.
Elite athletes will in addition to our core academy be placed on the UKA AASE Athletics elite mentorship programme and also the option of living on campus.